Assistant Shelter Manager

Execute daily operations and record keeping of Stray Haven animal shelter, including assisting Shelter Manager with supervision of staff while promoting teamwork and safety, interacting with Veterinarian for clinic needs, maintaining and order supplies and public interactions through in-person visits, phone and digital communications. Serve as Adoption Advocate to place adoptable pets in proper homes. Maintain animal, personnel, community service and fiscal records in a confidential manner and work within management structure to produce reports and assist in projects. Promote Stray Haven through positive public relations and assist with events (adoption, fundraising). Strenuous physical activity may be required to support animal and staff needs. Administrative and Non-profit and/or animal shelter experience preferred.


Pet Adoption

  • Ensure that interested parties will make suitable caregivers under the Stray Haven adoption application process.
  • Instruct potential animal owners about animal care, provide the animal’s particular history in accordance with confidentiality policies, and follow up after adoption to assure animal is in safe environment.
  • Provide customer service for potential adopters, animal surrenders and Dog Control Officers.

Fiscal and Recordkeeping Oversight

  • Responsible for keeping ASM (Animal Shelter Manager)/Petfinder current for shelter and non-shelter animals.
  • Work with the Shelter Manager and Treasurer to maintain fiscal accountability with inventory, cash drawer reports, dog control and other invoices and other billing duties.
  • Responsible for various reports, billing, and recordkeeping as established by board, shelter manager, external agencies and shelter needs.
  • Assist Shelter Manager, Treasurer and Finance Committee in developing annual budget.

Animal Care

  • Assist Shelter Staff to ensure the daily operations and maintenance of Stray Haven shelter are executed properly. Must be knowledgeable about different animals and their behaviors, and immediately recognize any problems or abnormal activity that occurs.
  • Engage veterinarians to evaluate and treat animals as needed.
  • Assist in supervision of the cleaning and disinfecting of shelters. Routinely inspecting animal shelter to assure that it is a clean and safe environment.

Supervisor Role

  • Assist Shelter Manager in hiring, training and supervising employees and volunteers.
  • Assist Shelter Manager in enforcing safety rules, cooperating with employees to solve problems and keeping personnel and client records in a respectful and confidential manner.
  • Work collaboratively with staff as needed to complete tasks and promote teamwork.

Community Relations

  • Must be proficient in dealing with the general public.
  • Must have patient, calm, and professional demeanor.
  • Responsible for dealing with questions and complaints.
  • Responsible for handling public relations and assist in planning fundraisers for the shelter.
  • Serve as an agency spokesperson and goodwill ambassador, maintaining a positive, professional reputation in the community.
  • Respond to community concerns regarding animal issues.
  • Deals with difficult situations and resolves problems of a unique or sensitive nature.
  • Promotes relationships with other local and national nonprofit and animal welfare organizations.
  • Be visible and advocate the Humane Society and its mission within the community through public speaking, special events, media opportunities, and publications.
  • Cultivate collaborations and partnerships with other community entities.

Working Conditions

  • Must be willing to work (at times) irregular hours, weekends, and holidays and attend evening meetings.
  • Be able to support staff and animals as necessary.
  • Be able to interact with public in a fast paced workload that at times can be stressful.
  • Be able to work regularly with strenuous physical activity including standing, walking, sitting, stooping, kneeling, or crouching.
  • Must be able to frequently lift and/or move up to 60 pounds.

General Requirements

  • Associate Degree preferred, high school diploma acceptable with appropriate experience.
  • Administrative experience (preferably in a non-profit environment) or related work experience.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or equivalent photo identification and be a legal citizen of the United States of America.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications and presentation skills.
  • Customer service experience and strategic qualities to develop and manage a staff and to direct day-to-day activities and operations.
  • Proficiency in required computer applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Animal Shelter Manager, Internet, Email, Facebook).
  • Ability to manage difficult or emotional customer situations.
  • Ability to respond promptly to customer needs.

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